The Swim Champ is BACK!

UBC Pool

With inspiration and advice on where to get masculine-friendly swim trunks from my buddy Cam, I picked up a pair of TYR jammers, Speedo racing swim goggles, and a black cap (once you tried a cap, you can’t go back….ahhh, so smooth and aerodynamic against the water) from Swimco on 4th.

Me, swimminAnyhow, the Swim Champ is BACK and ready to get back into solid shark form (enough of this chubby dolphin). From now until the big day, the UBC Aquatic Centre will be my pool.

I almost forgot how much I love swimming and the calming, tranquil silence of being underwater.

(hey Blaney, I am swimmin again!)

(to my old swim buddies Ryan, Jeff, and Ian….anytime, bring it on)

(old school nods to my highschool coaches Ms. Martin ,or Marten, can’t remember … Coach Van Hees!!!)

(sorry kebin, your chances of ever trying to beat me in a race now are pretty much slim to none)

(nope, that photo on the right is not me. It is some dude from the UBC swim team)