One Last Namaste

One last time to write, one last chapter before I head for home. The thought of home is more appealing as that day draws nearer and we are rich with memories. We have managed a traditional thanksgiving dinner here in Tlell and Rex’s flat with a two burner hotplate and a toaster oven with the cooking squeezed between the scheduled power outages.

Stages of Cultural Adjustment

I was flipping through our photos and stumbled upon interesting shots of diagrams and charts that I took from our last days of ICT at CLP (early January). These charts visualize the “Stages of Cultural Adjustment” as well as the symptoms of what someone typically feels during each stage. The above diagram shows the following […]

Holi Purnima – watch out!

In two days we will experience our first Holi festival in Nepal and we are holding our breaths with “mixed” anticipation. Holi Purnima is one of the most exciting festivals of Nepal and is closely related to the water festivals of Thailand and Myanmar and takes place on the full-moon day in the month of […]