Written by Monika Terfloth. This is part 1 of 10 of the “Mother in-law” series IN Nepal and India. Holy Bagmati where do I start? Perhaps with the tail of the category 8 Typhoon Koppu that pushed us into Hong Kong two days ago? A rocky but memorable introduction to Southeast Asia. Since we had […]


I hearby rename the city of Kathmandu, Nepal to Dogmandu. The dogs rule the city as they are everywhere (especially at night). However, some of the dogs that I have seen and their conditions (both their physical and living) are horrifically unbelievable. I’m definitely supporting my local SPCA when I get home. [youtube]

Canada Day in Nepal

Today we spent Canada Day at the U.S. American Club. It was a great event where Canadians residing throughout Kathmandu came together for great food and fun. The evening of course started off with the Canadian national anthem, bilingually sung by a recording of Celine Dion (which surprisingly choked me up a bit), followed by […]

Just Say “No” to Plastic Bags Nepal

Yesterday we visited Bhat-Bhateni Super Store and stumbled upon a brand new environmental initiative. Bhat-Bhateni is now encouraging shoppers to use re-usable plastic bags and is also selling re-usable branded bags. I quickly visited the Bhat-Bhateni web site and found their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) page which says: From mid June 2009, Bhat-Bhateni is promoting […]

Favourite Useable Bag Photos

I thought I would share how we are using reusable bags here in Nepal, since my favourite Canadian environmental organization decided that my photos were not suitable for their reusable bag mosaic. No, I’m not bitter (maybe I am little), but nonetheless I thought I would share my photos and tell our Canadian story anyways […]

Building a Library with no Librarian

I have come across a number of interesting projects where NGO’s have requested some assistance in regards to managing their “Resource Centre”, “Electronic Documents”, “Information Resources” or in some cases (yes, this buzzword made it over here) “Digital Assets”. Having been working in this ever-evolving field for quite some time, I am always surprised by […]