Perhaps it was the movie Jaws and that stomach-clenching music, but sharks or any large water-borne creature just gives me the willies. Just imagine, while swimming, snorkling, or scuba diving whatever., looking into the distance underwater and all of sudden watching a shark materialize in view… (hmrph….barf) The video below totally explains it for me. […]

O Boracay

This little island is quite amazing. The emerald, sea green ocean, the long stretch of white sandy beaches paralleled with an abundance of restaurants of various cuisines …. and of course, buffets with “bottom-less iced teas” that try to under price and out smörgåsbord each other (we found one for as low as PHP 250).

Swimming in winter and New Zealand

Outdoor swimming in February…..ahhh I love this province. Speaking of BC, as my friends and relatives have known over the years, I’ve been sending them “the best place on earth” propaganda videos (BC tourism television commercials) to hopefully get them to leave Ontario and move over to the promise land of expensive-living-but-health-lifestyle-and-nice-view (still working on […]

The Swim Champ is BACK!

With inspiration and advice on where to get masculine-friendly swim trunks from my buddy Cam, I picked up a pair of TYR jammers, Speedo racing swim goggles, and a black cap (once you tried a cap, you can’t go back….ahhh, so smooth and aerodynamic against the water) from Swimco on 4th. Anyhow, the Swim Champ […]