How’s my patient?

I use analogies all the time when trying to explain about information technologies, best management practices, and maintenance concepts to my non-tech savvy colleagues. However, finding the “right” analogy that sticks with certain people can be an interesting challenge as well (because it can backfire). At work, I try to illustrate that organizing and managing […]

Got to love those Nepali women

Today, GWP is hosting a HIV/AIDS orientation picnic at a local park where the general public, mostly women attend a fun-filled day of learning about HIV/AIDS in a relaxing outdoor environment. My male GWP counterparts have been raving about this day since I got here (and of course the nature setting wasn’t the main draw) […]

Preparing For Change: Day 3

VSO training modules

Highlights from the day….. What is development? – Inuit on a snowmobile shopping at the Hudson Bay Company considered development?; Disadvantage and Development – VSO’s Approach to Development – VSO’s Levels of Intervention; Globalization and Development – Strongly Agree? or Strongly Disagree in the kitchen; Is the IMF or World Bank good or bad?; History […]