Rex in Wonderland

If I had to describe my volunteer experience in Nepal in just a few words, of course you would hear the proverbial, movie-like phrases such as “Life changing”, “Memorable and Rewarding”, “Riveting”, “Two-thumbs up with Dal Bhaat!” etc. However, I can also describe the often day-to-day rituals and and unusual scenarios that I have experienced […]

My VSO Partners

After 6 months into my placement, the VSO partners that I will be supporting have been formalized and should keep my plate full for the second half of my placement. General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP) – Gyaneswor GWP is a non-profit developmental organization committed to making lasting positive changes in the lives of marginal populations. […]

Stages of Cultural Adjustment

I was flipping through our photos and stumbled upon interesting shots of diagrams and charts that I took from our last days of ICT at CLP (early January). These charts visualize the “Stages of Cultural Adjustment” as well as the symptoms of what someone typically feels during each stage. The above diagram shows the following […]

The half-year mark

Not sure where the time went, but last month marked our half-year in Nepal (May 14, 2009). Amazing. When I look back at my previous posts (especially the “Getting used to” post), I am often amazed about what I wrote (and didn’t publish). Most of the entries that reflect my time here are “spur of […]