VSO Nepal Goes Green

Volunteers reports on VSO Nepal’s latest green initiative. by Rex T., Edited by Stephen Massey, and with the help of Hilary Wright. Last September, VSO Nepal made a bold decision to ban the use of plastic bags within the office premise. Although causing extra inconvenience and being initially unpopular with some staff and volunteers, the […]

How’s my patient?

I use analogies all the time when trying to explain about information technologies, best management practices, and maintenance concepts to my non-tech savvy colleagues. However, finding the “right” analogy that sticks with certain people can be an interesting challenge as well (because it can backfire). At work, I try to illustrate that organizing and managing […]

The Gathering of Volunteers

Last week we kicked off a 2 week break from our daily work schedule with the annual VSO Volunteer Conference. This year, the conference was held at the swanky historic Shanker Hotel located just the down the road from our place. Considering that it is ironic that large amounts of donor money was spent to […]

Looking Back

After many, many attempts via slow computer networks and even dial-up Internet accoess (yes, Internet dial-up using 28.8 kbps is still a reality here), I have successfully uploaded a 25-minute video of our time here in Nepal during VSO’s in-country-training program. In this video (hosted by Vimeo) you will find photos and video footage of […]

Support Update

As we have mentioned before, we have been fundraising on behalf of CUSO-VSO Canada in order to help offset the costs of supporting us and our work while overseas. As of this post (and to our surprise), we have reached our fundraising goal and beyond with $4525 (and donations are still coming in!). From the […]

My Village Stay – Day 5

As I mentioned before, Tlell and I are living in different Nepali host family which I have heard is the talk of the village since it is quite strange to have a married couple living separately. However, this was mutually agreed upon in order to enhance both of our cultural immersion experiences living in a […]

Danyabaad Chetena Kendra

  It wasn’t easy at first but after a while I got used to it and now I can fondly say that I will miss Chetena Kendra (CK) and the town of Banepa. During our 3-week stay, we have battled nagging colds (which turned out for some to be allergies), stomach viruses/diarrhea (welcome to Nepal), […]