Corporate Library Accomplished

My partner’s corporate library has finally been organized, with a little unexpected help from other office staff. Time will only tell if it will STAY organized. The 4-week process, which really in the end only needed 1 week to to do began with the weeding out of non-essential publications and reports during load-shedding (when there […]

UN Small and Field Libraries

I just stumbled upon the UN Library Network and their Technical Assistance Programme for Small and Field Libraries. There is also a neat “For Starters” section for Guidelines on Library Management. GOLD! Other sites that I stumbled upon: Free & Open Source Software Portal Creation of digital libraries In CD-Rom using WINISIS and GENISISCD Adult […]

Room to Read Event in Vancouver

The Vancouver Chapter of Room to Read will be hosting a fundraising evening on Thursday, May 14 with Mr. Allison Rouse, Senior Development Director of Room to Read, who recently launched education projects in Zambia. He will also be speaking about Room to Read’s work in other developing countries. Please share this invite with your […]

Building a Library with no Librarian

I have come across a number of interesting projects where NGO’s have requested some assistance in regards to managing their “Resource Centre”, “Electronic Documents”, “Information Resources” or in some cases (yes, this buzzword made it over here) “Digital Assets”. Having been working in this ever-evolving field for quite some time, I am always surprised by […]