Trekking in Nepal 2009


About the guy on the right.

This is a journal of my personal experiences, memories of significant and special moments, and catalogue of impactful quotes, influential people, and historical events – all of which have made indelible marks on who I am today and what I strive to be moving forward.

After various iterations, polarizing and dichotomist, this iteration of my digital journal is considered private and shared only to friends, family, and the random folks that have stumbled upon it.

There will be many entries where I have asked myself now, “Why the heck did I write this?” and many entries of stories and experiences that I have forgotten. The journal entry dates of when they were written, where I was at the time, and the point of my life I was at were unmistakably evident.

My hope is that my children and grandchildren will read this one day and get something out of it (or for better or worse, understand me better). Or perhaps old friends and family, disconnected by either our hectic times, personal lives and long distances, who would like to catch up or stay somewhat in touch, can.

In the end, and most importantly, this journal is for me.

(Photo: walking around a Nepali village in 2009)