A Library for Chankhu Besi

Project completed!

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It was an amazing yet exhausting day. I had to climb up the mountain 3 times to help bring down the books and equipment. Most of the community members were surprised to see me again and of course asked me where the rest of my group was. They were even more curious to know what I was bringing to the school.

The children immediately clamoured over each other to get at the books like there was no tomorrow. Most of the children were so busy reading that they hardly noticed that we were there.

We had a small presentation by the school teacher of the items that we had brought followed by a short lecture on how to take care of the learning materials. The day ended upon receiving a framed letter of appreciation from the village leader.

It was such an immense heartfelt feeling witnessing everything first hand. Seeing the joy and smiles from everyone and also the emanating interest and curiousity from the children when they flipped through those pages. I only wish that I could have shared the experience with everyone.

Thank you so much to the following people who supported our project:

Kathy, Anne Maise, Isabelle, Theresa, June, Mary, Sue, Dennis, George, Allie, Tlell, Melissa, and Cameron. And to our Nepali support, Uday, Ajimme, and Sano.

(Apologies to those for whom we have missed or have misspelled their names).

I’m sure our group will return to Chankhu Besi to visit our respective Nepali families but to also help the local school community maintain their new library as well as help train teachers on how to effectively teach their students how to read.

Once again on behalf of Gord (http://gordclements.ca/) and myself, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


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  1. shannon says:

    Hey Rexie!

    You were in the paper on the weekend! We were at one of Pete’s favourite burger joints, waiting for the take out…he was flipping through the Province and there you were on page A23! We swiped a copy for you 🙂

    Hope your weekend away was great.

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