Finally, Our Dhera

Aside from posting a back log of blog posts, current posts have been rare these days since we have mainly been focusing our efforts on finding a dhera to live in. Dhera’s are residential places for rent here in Nepal.

Last weekend, after days of searching and looking at several dhera’s in the greater Kathmandu area (Baluwatar, Lazimpat, and around Patan), we finally found one…. then lost one…. and then found it again (long story)!!! Tlell and I secured a newly renovated 4-room place (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living area) on the fourth floor of a building with a nice common terrace area above and garden area below. Our place is located in the Lazimpat area (near the Denmark embassy), a place where we have grown to love since we arrived in Nepal. It will not be ready to move into until February 1st but we are very relieved and excited nonetheless. We can finally stop living a one-room lifestyle and start to buy our kitchen utilities, bedroom and living room accessories, cook our own food, etc.

Sometimes I wish there was an Ikea around here.

Finding the ideal place to live is always stressful, no matter where you are the world. Factors such as: is there a good market near by, is it close to work, are we too far from friends, is it quiet at night, is there hot water, electricity etc. are always important (and of course, just trying do that in another language).

We used multiple dhera agents (or dhera hunters as I call them) and we have seen many beautiful places to live, although way over our budget or too far from our work places and many not-so-nice-places which surprisingly were STILL over our monthly budget (it is the foreigner thing, as soon as they see Tlell or sense it from me, they will charge higher).

Anyhow, the search is over. Thank you to Nirmal from Cafe Lamas who introduced us to Purna (the super dhera hunter). Photos will be coming soon but here is a link to our place on a map.

Home-based cable Internet access, here I come!

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  1. Tlell has posted some photos of our place: