re: Top 10 Reasons Why ‘Professional Librarian’ is an Oxymoron

Cover of "Jerry Maguire"
Cover of Jerry Maguire

It’s been “Said”!!! Someone has FINALLY said it!!!

(this was my instant reaction after I first read it. I definitely agree and disagree on some points, but the good stuff is in the lively discussion).

Despite being almost a year late in finally reading this blog post from my fellow Dal alumni and classmate, Mr. Deschamps pulled a “Jerry McGuire” and eloquently said what some MLIS folks have been thinking, and perhaps have always been wanting to say, ever since they have been handed their ALA-accredited degree.

In “Letterman” fashion, the Top 10 Reasons Why ‘Professional Librarian’ is
an Oxymoron’
and it’s 140 comments to date is quite the interesting read to say the least. Putting on my film critic hat, “Deschamps is poignantly sincere yet brutal honesty about the library profession – reading this post will either make you scream out in ecstasy, awkwardly squirm in your seat yearning for the restroom, or make you rip off your reading glasses and cardigans in protest (sorry, I couldn’t resist the urge).

I tip my symbolic hat to you Ryan for having the wit and demonstrated passion for continuing a dialogue that will in the end only strengthen or evolve the library and information management field.

Anyone have any thoughts on Ryan’s closing session at APLA 2011?