Book: There’s A Barnyard in My Bedroom

I started reading this book with Arlo and I thought, wow, these are really great stories about learning about the things around us and where they came from. I looked at the author name and ahhhh, no surprise, it was written by David!

There’s A Barnyard in My Bedroom (2008)
by David Suzuki (Author), Eugenie Fernandes (Illustrator)

From their sheets and pillows to their books, fruit, and furniture, nearly everything in Jamie’s and Megan’s lives has come from nature. Learning to truly understand what surrounds them, they discover that the air they breathe includes water and life-giving gases and that the seeds they find will grow into vegetables. Colour illustrations make this simple, stirring story come to life, and the activities and glossaries included for further enrichment help to educate as the story entertains.

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