VSO Nepal Goes Green

Volunteers reports on VSO Nepal’s latest green initiative. by Rex T., Edited by Stephen Massey, and with the help of Hilary Wright. Last September, VSO Nepal made a bold decision to ban the use of plastic bags within the office premise. Although causing extra inconvenience and being initially unpopular with some staff and volunteers, the […]

The view from Nepal

This guest post is from our fellow VSO Nepal volunteers Mel and Steve who work in Mahendranagar, in the far west district of Nepal. Greetings to all Leicester FoE (Friend of the Earth) members and friends, Malcolm has invited me to write a short piece for the newsletter and, by chance, a few things recently […]

From Bob

“The overall legacy we leave to our grandchildren is a combination of the side effects and leftovers of countless individual decisions – on purchases, policies and projects. How wisely those decisions are made determines whether that legacy contributes to sustainability or to further degradation.” – Robert Gibson “Sustainabilty is possible only if our activities maintain […]