A tourist again in Nepal

Near Thamel Durbar Square
Near Thamel Durbar Square

Although we have had brief 2-3 day get-aways during our placement, we still have yet to take our long well-deserved annual leave from our work life here in Nepal. Come September 15th when Tlell’s parents arrive, it will be vacation-mode time – ball cap, tacky-tourist golf shirt, an over-sized SLR camera glued to my face and all!

(just draw a big tourist bulls-eye on my back)

Too bad “work” gets in the way

Just having 10 months under my belt, you can say that I’m technically not a tourist but I still feel like I am in a way. For me, there is still so much that I want to see and do here in Nepal. Of course when you’re in work-mode, you’re “working” 5 days-a-week and in a different state of mind. I have a feeling that during our last few months here, I will be very busy trying to pack last-minute activities in.

(or heck, I’ll just come back).

Playing tour guide

When the in-laws come, I’m really looking forward to showing them our world and seeing things for the first time from their eyes. I even love giving the Vancouver-Rex tour back home. Along with that warm-fuzzy feeling, it also reminds me about the things I love about a place and why I live there.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the real Nepal and what this country is known for (the majestic mountain scenery, the cultural landscape, etc.). One of my colleagues Mark, who recently left mentioned to me that after he had done a trek around Nepal, he finally “understood” what everyone was raving about. Can’t wait.

The Brief Itinerary

Our month long vacation will start here in Kathmandu, showing the in-laws our stomping grounds and such (Thamel, Lazimpath). Once acclimatized, our road trip to Pokhara begins that includes a brief stop in Bandipur. A 4-5 day trek will be one of the highlights. After that, fly back to KTM and prepare for our 9-day tour of India (Rajasthan). The last remaining days in Nepal will most likely be Around-the Kathmandu valley activities related such as Bhaktapur, Bodhnath and the Buddhist monasteries, maybe Pashupatinath (we could be Hindu’d out by then) but definitely Patan Durbar Square.