A tourist again in Nepal

Although we have had brief 2-3 day get-aways during our placement, we still have yet to take our long well-deserved annual leave from our work life here in Nepal. Come September 15th when Tlell’s parents arrive, it will be vacation-mode time – ball cap, tacky-tourist golf shirt, an over-sized SLR camera glued to my face […]


I hearby rename the city of Kathmandu, Nepal to Dogmandu. The dogs rule the city as they are everywhere (especially at night). However, some of the dogs that I have seen and their conditions (both their physical and living) are horrifically unbelievable. I’m definitely supporting my local SPCA when I get home. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhWJ8G_IztM&hl=en&fs=1&]

Firsts in Hetauda

From July 19th – 27th… Monsoon Beer – First night in Hetauda @ Bastipur Training Centre, I hung outside in the middle of a field with the big boss during a freakish monsoon rainstorm while drinking beer. It was an awesome, invigorating, yet slightly intoxicating, “natural shower” as my boss said. Monsoon Beer would be […]