A 20-minute update

I have 20 minutes left at a local Internet cafe before I hit the 15 ruppee mark.

Here is a quick update:

  • We have resettled at our new language and cultural training centre (Chetena Kendra) in Banepa.
  • Nice town, I would live here if I lived in Nepal. Easy access to Kathmandu, cleaner air and great mountain hikes.
  • We bought a football (soccer ball) and badminton set to keep us busy and entertained.
  • So far, we are living on rice, sauteed vegetables and beans, cauliflower, papad. We were treated to fries and chicken wings last night.
  • Language training is getting more complicated and I just learned how to write “My name is Rex” in Nepali script.
  • Dust is slowly creeping into my notebook computer.
  • The weather has been great – a crisp fall weather and it hasn’t rained since we got here. I hear it doesn’t rain at all until after June.
  • I experienced the typical Nepali way of going to the washroom (details offline).
  • Tlell is doing great. We are well and are both very glad to be doing this together.


2 Replies to “A 20-minute update”

  1. You left out a Nepali washroom story? Augh! Tell!

    What’s papad?

  2. I love reading your entries and the pics are amazing!!! I think about you both often!! Much love!