In a country Far, Far Away

Whenever I look at a world map, I often look at how far I am from my home town. Vancouver to Toronto is pretty much located at one end of Canada to the other. However, last night I glanced at my peer’s world map and visually realized that I was REALLY far from home.

This feeling of being far, far away also hit me when I went for a late evening walk just the other night. The landscape was calm, the night skies were clear and the stars were out. I looked up and I immediately felt puzzled and lost. I did not recognize any of the star constellations. No Orion or Big/Little Dipper – it was a whole new world up there.


I am now adjusted, acclimatized, etc. to my new life in Nepal. In my last post I mentioned it has been 3 and half weeks but after looking at the calendar, it has only been 2. I guess with all the learning and new experiences, it feels like we have been here longer than that.

I have learned that the rural Nepali daily diet essentially consists of Daal (yellow, black, or red curry), Bhatt (rice), vegetable curry (cauliflower, beans, potatoe, cabbage, greens, etc.) achaar (sauce/chutini), and if you are lucky some type of meat. Here at our residence at Chetena Kendra, we have had this type of meal combination almost every single day – for lunch and dinner. Ah well, it’s food.

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