Packing (and repacking)

We spent the last few days storing our belongings as well as attempting to “strategically” pack our things in various back packs. I started off with 1 back pack and a carry-on and ended up with a back-pack, a shared duffel bag, and two carry-on’s. After 5 repacking attempts (which I abandoned more than half of my stuff), I finally reached the satisfaction point of tightening all the the straps and zipped-up all the zippers on my bags. Final count: 3 check-in baggage and 4 carry-on’s.

(we’ll probably repack again this evening).

Packing is really hard and it is very true that after your first attempt at it, you will undoubtedly have to unpack and leave behind at least half of your items. I had to repeatedly ask myself:

  • Can I get/purchase these items there?
  • Do I really need multiple items of the same thing?
  • Can this item be left behind or would I want to bring it back?
  • Am I really going to care if I have this item in a few months from now.
  • How many times will I use this thing?
  • Do I really have to be the trendiest guy there?

Here is a great packing resource about what to pack went traveling:

Although, we are technically not traveling to/through Nepal, we are MOVING to Nepal.