Preparing For Change: Day 3

Highlights from the day…..

What is development? – Inuit on a snowmobile shopping at the Hudson Bay Company considered development?; Disadvantage and DevelopmentVSO’s Approach to Development – VSO’s Levels of Intervention; Globalization and Development – Strongly Agree? or Strongly Disagree in the kitchen; Is the IMF or World Bank good or bad?; History of Development – the Time-line game; Debt and Development – “Sesame Street’s take on debt” video; The Rise of Interest Rates, The Rise of Neoliberalism; and The Rise of Mark and Gladys; Free Trade? – Country C didn’t read the instructions; Community DevelopmentĀ  – Zambia

(Loved watching the videos….it really brought, what we were potentially getting into, to life)

Preparing for charge notes
Preparing for charge notes