Next Steps with VSO

Ah yes, the paper work.

* Medical examination form (a visit to our family doctor to fill out a 10-page medical examination form)
* Security check support letter (essentially a Police Record check)
* Placement questionnaire (questions about dietary issues, regional, professional, and personal preferences in terms of our placement, accommodation, religion, climate, language, and transportation).
* CV questionnaire and the relevant Guidelines (matching our CV to fit a generic CV template).

We just sent in our CV questionnaire and we hear that we may potentially get matched with a placement in the next couple of weeks. It would be great to finally know where and when we are going. Once that is confirmed, we’ll be travelling to Ottawa for VSO’s first training course: Preparing for Change.

The 3-day “Preparing for Change” course explores the development context and a range of issues faced by people living overseas. The course will also provide us with some tools to help cope with the challenges that we may face overseas in order to better prepare us for volunteering with VSO. The upcoming dates for PFC are: May 2-5, June 6-9 and July 11-14.

More information to come soon….