Sledding at Forbidden Plateau

…..didn’t happen, but we had fun nonetheless. I decided to take them up on the only sunny forecasted day of the week and I definitely wasn’t alone on that idea. The parking area and roads leading up to the hill was packed and the kids didn’t want to walk all the way there from where we parked. So we just played over at the side – Arlo built his snow tunnels, Forrest had a few slides down along a path, and Matilda was content with just eating snow.

But then, the battle began to brew. The boys started creating a fort with fortified walls and Matilda started collecting ammunition reserves on our end. The battle officially began when a surprise snowball from Forrest hit me on the side of my head followed by cackling laughs.

It felt like it went for hours. We paused for snacks (thanks mama) and a potty break with Matilda. There was drama of course when I aimed a little too high and snow balls hit both their faces (oops).

Aside from that, another “Best Day EVER!”