Goodnight moon

One of our favourite books to read just before bedtime.


Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, a simple yet classic bedtime story. I was unimpressed by the child’s play storyline when I read it at first; but, the simple, wholesome, and timely message is so good that it sets the somber mood and glad expectation that “it’s time for bed, we had a great day, and we can do it all again tomorrow!”

Good night everyone!

Much to his delight, there is an animated version as well…

Much to the chagrin of my partner, I cleverly enhanced the “Goodnight Moon” routine to include saying good night to his favourite toys and items in the house….

“Goodnight Cookie Monster”
“Goodnight baa (sheep) that’s on the table”
“Goodnight mommy salmon, daddy salmon, baby salmon”
“Goodnight big fire truck”
“Goodnight baby fire truck”
“Goodnight school bus”
“Goodnight cookie monster, sheep, pig, rooster painting”
“Goodnight clock”
“Goodnight Paddington Bear
“Goodnight dino”
“Goodnight buster”
“Goodnight duh bear”
“Goodnight piggy bank”
“Goodnight bear sitting on the back shelf”
“Goodnight wombat”
“Goodnight rhino”
“Goodnight peas in a pod”
“Good night blue garbage truck, red fire truck, pumpkin, rainbow painting”

and if anyone misses just one item, you will hear it.



One Reply to “Goodnight moon”

  1. Monika Terfloth says: Reply

    It is a wonderful story. Every child I have known has loved it and you are so right … by saying goodnight to his favourite things he is putting his day to rest. Don’t worry about the length of the list. It will get shorter over time, not longer and it only takes about 2 minutes to do it. XOM