Petition: Bring Car2Go to Victoria

I think it’s time and there is definitely a multi-diverse market in Victoria, BC.

car2go Vancouver
car2go Vancouver (Photo credit: Canadian Veggie)







C’mon David H. who I know works at Car2Go, pull the trigger!

Who’s with me on this?!?!?!








4 comments on “Petition: Bring Car2Go to Victoria”
  1. Matt says:

    Is there an actual petition somewhere I can sign? Didn’t see one linked but maybe because I’m browsing on my smartphone?


  2. Rex says:

    No official petition out there, but we could get people to vote/comment on this blog post.


  3. Rahim says:

    Recently moved to Victoria from Vancouver and I think this program would work great here.


  4. pfairley says:

    Just curious: Have you checked out Victoria’s carshare coop? It’s low-tech. But it works.


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