We finally found a house that we can afford in Vancouver!

It’s possible folks!

For just $299 (seriously, $299.00), this charming all-cedar playhouse has everything at a cozy size of 33.29 sq.ft…including granite-like counters and a sort-of stainless steel kitchen sink. Loaded with potential, starter-home also includes a toy state of the art stove, a look-a-like telephone, a working doorbell (for real) and a pretend-but-exact-replica-of-a-wall-clock

There are white and red accents everywhere, including eye-catching large shutters on the side and two planters for even real plants on the front. It features a bay window on one side and on the rear. The other side has a snack window with large country shutters that really open and close. An attached bench lets the gang relax while enjoying refreshments. This playhouse will inspire hours of imaginative play for all and won’t last long at this price!


3 comments on “We finally found a house that we can afford in Vancouver!”
  1. Rex says:

    The sad part about this, most of my friends and family outside of Vancouver have a similar (if not the same) house in their backyard

  2. Cathy says:

    We have a house just like it!

  3. Rex says: