Who wants to come with me to UMF 2013?!?!?!

Ahhh man, heeearrt ATTACCKKK! Absolutely kEER-RAZZAY!

UMF – ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL has now confirmed it will hold the 15th edition of its gargantuan event over two three-day weekends March 15, 16 & 17 and March 22, 23 and 24, 2013. This marks the first time ever for a major electronic dance music (EDM) festival to do so anywhere.

Having teased the world with a provocative countdown clock on its YouTube channel just days ago, Ultra Music Festival has today, October 15, shocked fans by revealing this extraordinary news right at the end of an exclusive video on UMF TV, entitled “RELIVE THE ULTRA 2012 EXPERIENCE.”

The video, created and directed by Final Kid’s very own Charly Friedrichs – director of the Ultra Music Festival film CAN U FEEL IT – ‘RELIVE ULTRA MIAMI’ showcases 14 minutes of the very finest moments from this year’s event and exclusively previews the double-delight that’s in store for March 2013.

Following a long weekend of speculation after the world’s premier electronic music festival launched a LIVE countdown movie on Its UMFTV channel on Friday October 12, fans can now plan ahead for what will be two truly historic weekends in the festival’s history.

Even Arlo is ready to go, with his glow sticks, dance soother and all!

heh 😉