High quality spices from Silk Road Spice Merchant. We don’t live too far from Little India, but we haven’t had too much success from the shops that we went too (I’m sure if we looked around more, we would have found great spices). However, now that we have to be a little more time-conscious about our activities and errands, ordering guaranteed, high-quality spices and having it delivered right to our door feels like a no-brainer in our minds.


As I said, the quality of the spices that we ordered from Calgary-based Silk Road Spice Merchant is certainly unmatched. Although a bit pricey, it is absolutely worth the expenditure as our curry dinners and everyday meals have tasted so good, you could never back to what you have used before.

You can definitely taste the difference. Plus, their presentation of your delivered spices is pretty creative as well.

Don’t cheap-out on your food!