My new mag

I was devastated when we returned from Nepal that my beloved magazine Best Life (from the editors of Men’s Health) ceased publication. Geared towards men in their 40’s and 50’s, some people wondered why I liked this magazine so much. I figured me being in my 30’s, why not read ahead be ahead of the game of life? Since then, my search for that “one magazine to rule them all” had been quite daunting…until now.

Esquire Magazine – Man at his best, finally did it for me (see the July/2012 issue – The Fatherhood Edition).

Other magazines were either too outdoors or technology focused and on the other extreme emphasizing on body building or getting laid. Esquire has a nice balance of all of the above with enough style and intellectual articles to help keep me informed and “fashion-relevant”. It’s a gentlemen’s magazine ( and I guess the name suits it well).