Left my bike on the Translink bus bike rack – no problem!

That happened to me last week while chatting away and walking off the bus with my friend Kate. I only realized this blunder after arriving at my office and experiencing an eerie feeling that something was off.

I immediately ran back to the bus loop….. but alas, the bus had already departed. Needless to say, I did get my bike back but what is worth sharing is that for me, the whole process of finding it was actually quite enjoyable.

The Translink folks were great. The driver on the #25 bus that was about to leave the bus loop kindly offered to call the control operator to help find the bus that had my bike. The control operator was awesome and even narrowed down the exact bus based on when I got on (the bus driver had ended his shift and returned to the bus depot where they would take any lost property to the Lost & Found office). Finally, the Lost & Found attendant had excellent “bedside/lost and found manners” and even made me feel better about something that shouldn’t really happen (oh yeah, no worries, this happens all the time).

Picking up the bike was easy as the Lost & Found office is conveniently located at the Chinatown/Stadium Skytrain station (upper level). I’ve never been there, so in a way, that is something new and exciting to learn.

The whole event came full circle when I saw the #25 bus drivers the week after as they wittingly reminded me to not forget to pick up my bike this time around.

Was it inconvenient? Meh, not really…it depends how you look at it. The people I interacted with were super friendly and my office mates got a kick out of it.

Thanks Translink.