Vancouver is “the Matrix”

After reading these two articles….

The exorbitant cost of housing, lack of decent jobs, and changing nature of the economy have squeezed the middle class out. That’s why a generation of ambitious young people is leaving Vancouver – from “Going, Going, Gone

A British Columbia study finds that young families in the country are facing growing financial and time pressures even as their baby-boomer elders head into easier-than-ever retirement.” – from “After the boomers, it’s Generation Squeeze

…I am reminded of the “we are a battery to them” scene from the film the Matrix. In light of all the Occuppy protests that have been happening around the world, if you think about, Vancouver eerily resembles a “Matrix” type world where the majority of today’s Generation “F” or “Squeeze” lives in fields of condo developments and rental housing, supporting a system of people who are well-off …

the 1%….

the money making “machines”


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  1. Rex says:

    Take the “red pill” folks.