When in New York, go find Ray

NYC - Greenwich Village: The Famous Ray's Pizz...
Image by wallyg via Flickr

We just unpacked our home computer and I was delighted to spend the evening reuniting with our grand photo collection of people, places and things that we have captured over the years.

One of the many photos that has brought a smile to my face (and maybe because it is close to lunch time) is a shot of the best pizza I have ever eaten from Ray’s Pizza (@ 856 on 8th Ave.) in New York city.


Who really knows if this place is the real or original Ray’s Pizzeria, but regardless, it was sure darn goooood (thick, not too greasy, healthy pile of veg and love!)

Update: Ray’s Pizza’s website: http://amadeuspizzany.com


One Reply to “When in New York, go find Ray”

  1. I miss good pizza New York has a reputation for the best