I’m down with OBB

Our very first EuroNight train ride from OBB was quite fascinating. Our 2 person sleeper car with an ensuite shower and WC was more than what we expected – understandably a little cramped but well designed to say the least (there were even two chairs and a fold out table).

To me, I was acting like we were living on an international space station. The washroom was neat and compact, like what you see on a typical commercial airline jet – nothing new there. However, the adjacent shower area was extraordinary – you not getting showered per say but hosed with a power, thick stream of water right in your face. It’s like getting a shatsu face message while slippin’ and slidin around the tube enclosure walls – yes it was my own water slide on a train.

Of course I had fun.

Riding and sleeping on bunkbeds was cool.