Good food in Nepal

Here is a list of some of our favourite restaurants we have been to so far in Nepal. Maps coming soon.

(this is an ongoing list-in-progress)

OR2K *** $$ WIFI – Thamel
Go for the Mediterranean food, the black-light ambience and best included WIFI-Internet connection

Royal Saino – Belle Mo:mo *** $$ – Durbar Marg
Best variety of mo:mos in town – “more than 30 varieties from vegetable and non-vegetarian momos to cholesterol free momos.”

Jazz Upstairs * $ – Lazimpath
Go for the live jazz and lounge atmosphere.

Bhumi Bar ** $$ WIFI – Lazimpath
The dependable place to hang out and with huge menu, giant screen tv for sports games.

Tushitas ** $$$ – Lazimpath
Great coffee, good menu variety. Great place to splurge for something out of the norm.

Roadhouse Cafe *** $$$$ -Thamel, Patan, Bhatbhateni
Known for their wood stove fire pizzas, cozy atmosphere, and their Tuscan decor. Great friendly service.

Lazimpath Gallery * $$ – Lazimpath
All-round decent food, decent WIFI connection, and evening films. Owned and operated by an former VSO volunteer (VSO volunteer discounts)

New Orleans Cafe *** $$$$ – Thamel, Patan
Amazing food, especially their monster of a size burger and their outdoor seating areas have a serene atmosphere.

Decheling Garden – Thamel

Royal Alinas’s Cafe * $$$ – Lazimpath
Good continental menu but we often splurge for their quality mo:mo’s (steamed and fried).

Royal Tandoori * $ – Lazimpath
An honourable mention since it was our first regular gathering place after we arrived.

Fast Food Tandoori ** $ – Lazimpath
Went down the street from the above and found it to be a tiny bit more expensive but better quality. Our default food.

Lamas Cafe *$ – Lainchaur
Another honourable mention. Diner style atmosphere with diner style Nepali food. Close to PGH.

Cibo Sandwich Bar *** $$ – Lainchaur
A small-hip cafe attached to the Ambassador Hotel. Amazing lunch menu (great greek pita sandwich with home made chips)

La Dolce Vita (TBD)
A friend recommended this place for their authentic Italian food.  Mentioned in Lonely Planet.

Helena’s Restaurant – Thamel ** $$$
Known for their breakfast and great views of the city. Although mentioned in Lonely Planet, you are really paying for the view the city.

Mike’s Breakfast – Naxal *** $$$
Now this is the best breakfast place in town. Relax in a garden-villa atmosphere.

Imego Dei

European Bakery – Baluwater *** $$
If you can find this place (up the road from the Bhattbateni Supermarket) then you are in luck! They have THE BEST baked good this side of the palace. The garlic cheese roll (pictured) is to die for….eat FOUR!

Trendy’s Cafe – Baluwater ** $
Good, decent, all-round food at a reasonable price.

Hermann Helmer’s Bakery – Patan

The Bakery Cafe Restaurants – Thamel ** $
Quick eats, diner style menu. Known for management hiring hearing-impaired staff, Lonely Planet mentions that this is a reason why the music is so bad (not nice), but on one occasion they did play a Celine Dion album. Their mo:mo’s are pretty good as well (get the I love mo:mo t-shirt).

Himalayan Java Cafe (Thamel) ** $$
Just above the Bakery Cafe is our favourite java place. Volunteers who are craving good, freshly-grounded coffee come here even at the break of dawn. They have wonderful snacks, big screen TV, so-so WIFI, and lots of space to lounge. Food and kitchen prep is certified by the US FDA (I saw the framed certificate with my own eyes).

1905 Restaurant (Jyatha / Thamel) *** $$$$
For gourmet cuisine in a relaxed-hidden atmosphere, wow, you are definitely in a different world in the evenings. Tucked away from the main roads, this place reminds me of an old Tuscan villa with it’s own lily pond, resident geese and a beautiful garden deck.

In Pokhara

Fish Tail (Lakeside)

Moondance Restaurant (Lakeside) * $$
Co-owned by a Canadian and Nepalese, the place has a great log-cabin style atmosphere with a fire place and outdoor balcony seating area. Their menu was nothing spectacular and we sort of got sick the rest of the day.

Lotus Restaurant (Northend of Lakeside) ** $
Volunteers’ best kept secret with great food at a great price. Located at the quiet north end of Lakeside, it also has a great balcony overlooking the rice fields and lake.

Shangri-La Pokhara Hotel Restaurant *** $$$$
Pricey but fusion intercontinental cuisine. Wow!!!!

In Hetauda

Universal Food Plaza *$
When you need to eat something, decent food.

Motel Avocado & Orchid Resort ** $$
This is definitely the place to splurge for good food in Hetauda. This used to be the old U.S. Peace Corps joint when they were building the highways back in the days. It has since been converted into one of Hetauda’s biggest accommodation resort.

Food rating:
* = it’s food, got to eat something
** = My stomach is happy
*** = Oh yeah, bring on the food coma!

$ =  dirt cheap
$$ = standard Nepali prices
$$$ = a little high-end, not everyday
$$$$ = splurging, a weeks worth of groceries

Also, ECS – Enriching Life The Nepali Way is an excellent magazine for the latest entertainment news and cultural events throughout the city.

P.S. If you are wondering about the lack of Nepali food / cuisine on the list, we actually have various type of Dal Bhaat almost every day at work and at refreshers (the VSO cooks are amazing). Otherwise, the best Nepali food can’t really be found in big restaurants but in small side shops (sometimes they look like big hole in the walls), or better yet in Nepali villages. I miss my Nepali family’s home cooking.