Beers in Nepal

After a long day at work or after a day of trekking and riding around on an elephant (pictured), there is something universal about kicking back and drinking a cold one while watching the sunset. Nepal has a variety of their own brew and imported but locally bottled beers as well. You will find these brands and much more at any restaurant, grocery store, and side shops. Here are my favourites in order:

  • Everest Beer
  • Carlsberg
  • Nepal Ice
  • Gorkha Beer
  • San Miguel
  • Tuborg
  • Orangeboom*
  • Lowenbrau

* have yet to try but they are available

I’ve also come across Guinness, Heineken, Asahi and even a Miller Genuine Draft (WTF?!?).

Although, you can’t beat local Raksi – warm, home made brew, a.ka. whiskey/moonshine! Who knows where and how the heck they make it.