Rafting the Trisuli River

It’s a little late but I thought I would share my thoughts about our two day rafting trip (which included an over night camp along the river AND my first camp fire of the year – love camp fires!).

Traveling by water and through the river passage ways felt like we were in a different world. It also reminded me that I we have a river kayak at home (won it in a raffle before we left). The end of May signaled the beginning of the monsoon season so the water levels were just starting to rise thus making the rapids reach levels 1 – 3. Day 1 was very peaceful, especially when we all got off our rafts and floated our way down river. I could do that all day.

Day 2 started out with a refreshing down pour (and a slight hangover from last night). The most memorable event was when approached a protruding boulder in the middle of our second last rapids. I wasn’t sure why but for some reason, we were heading straight for it. No one really said or done anything (people were just staring at it) until I calmly screamed out “uh, um, ROCK!” (sigh….I’m known for saying that now). A split-second later, we then mounted the boulder and was idle for the longest 3 seconds of my life – we were all sure that we were going to flip over. And then, our raft calmly slid down the boulder and continued down stream as if nothing had happened, leaving us shocked and dumbfounded.

(I later found out that our rafting guide planned to have us go through that.)

We got photos (I’m mostly behind the camera), a video, and Tlell’s initial post about our trip.


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