These are the people in my neighbourhood

in my neighbourhood, in my Nepali NEIGHBOURHOOD, oh!


Our sano pasal (little store) mainly operated by two sisters Benita and Sunita. We get the majority of our basic food items such as milk and vegetables (supporting the little stores). They are always laughing whenever I see them, mainly because I entertain them with a new Nepali word everyday.


This is our thulo pasal (big grocery store) where we primarily get our gas tanks, mineral water, and other non-perishable items (even wine and beer). The young gentleman in the front is our helpful water delivery boy.


Ahh, we forgot her name but this is our little boutique store where Tlell gets her jewellery and such. We also got our flip-flops there as well.


Chandra is my dependable “electrical guy” who owns the electronic repair shop across from the thulo pasal. Chandra can essentially fix anything that plugs into the electrical socket. To date, he has fixed our fan, created an extension cord/box contraption, repaired our phone, our internet wireless router and voltage regulator.


Finally, our dog Poppy who originally had no name but Rita calls her “Poppy” (that is “Puppy” with a Nepali accent). She is one of the happiest and most helpful dogs I have ever met. Every time we arrive home she escorts us to the front door followed by a yawning-whine about when we will bring her another doggie treat.


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  1. margaret says:

    Hi Rex & Tlell It’s wonderful what you two are doing and being in such a foreign place with everything so unfamiliar. I know you’ll have an awesome adventure and I’m sure with alot of wild and unique stories to share! The experience will be ‘once in a life time’. I was out bottling wine at Niagara with your mom over the weekend and she was sharing her pride of the two of you. Thought I’d look at some of your adventures and the’re beautiful pics. Enjoy & be safe, Margaret