Something is Missing This Holiday Season

Due to a lack normalcy (which is a real understatement), I often lose track of what time, day, and occasionally what month or season I am in. It is technically Winter here but it feels like a really long, constantly-sunny-weather Fall to me.

Anyhow, as Tlell started making her holiday Christmas music playlist on her laptop (and as I get the Facebook message that Christmas dinner is at the Virly house this year), I realized that Christmas is just around the corner.

(yes, lately most of my posts have been me realizing something…).

Here is my list of things that I miss (for better or for worse) that usually remind me that Christmas is coming….

  • A bombardment of holiday television commercials.
  • Television advertisements of upcoming classic holiday movies and cartoons (nope, I don’t have access to a tv and living in a Hindu/Buddhist country makes access to western television programming limited as well).
  • Signs of snow on the mountain tops in Vancouver (and comedic reports of heavy snowfall and blistering wind-chill in Ontario).
  • Christmas merchandise at local big box stores (immediately after Halloween).
  • Someone wearing a Santa hat.
  • People talking about what they are doing during the holiday break (or when they plan to cut work early).
  • Tlell’s holiday cookies and baking.


One Reply to “Something is Missing This Holiday Season”

  1. We miss you both too!

    You would be suprised to hear that Vancouver has been innundated with snow…snow and MORE snow! The temperature has been below freezing for the past 5 days and we are currently under a foot of snow…BRRR!

    I will send you and T some pictures!

    Love to you both