Rex and Tlell, welcome to Nepal…


….followed by our fellow accompanying VSO volunteers: 2 are from Holland, 2 from the Philippines, 1 American, 2 British, 2 Indians, another Canadian and 1 Ugandan.

The airport was nuts as there were literally hundreds of eager volunteers offering their assistance to help you with your bags and such. We had an airport staff employee help us find a cart and lift our bags only to find out that a little tip would greatly make his day. We were relieved to find that our VSO staff members were waiting out side to pick us up. We were greeted with traditional gifts which was nice. We then took a 15 minute drive through very narrow and crowded streets to the Pacific Guest House. We had tea, got our welcome package, our initial allowance of twenty-three hundred rupees, and then crashed for the night.

Running high on adrenaline….

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  1. Way to go, Team #1!!! 🙂