Leaving good ol’ Mississauga

After a long glorious month,  it’s time to leave my hometown and head back west to pack-up our apartment. Highlights and (not so great highlights) include…

  • A cup of Tim Horton’s coffee everyday since there is one in every corner
  • Getting stuck on the 401 (east-bound) for no apparent reason
  • Noticing that designated left and right turning lanes for vehicles are the norm.
  • Chatting with my mom.
  • Walking along the Culham Trail with Grissom.
  • Noticing that Big-box stores are part of the city’s natural landscape.
  • Suburban allergies acting up.
  • Watching a movie every night.
  • Hauling a 60kg desk from my parents all the way to Orillia and then bringing back a snow blower on the same day.
  • Watching the Discovery and History Channel with my dad.
  • Getting stuck on the 401 again (west-bound).
  • Playing hide-and-seek with Grissom in the middle of the night.
  • Doing the Jetrex mail delivery again with my parents.
  • Clearing out my parent’s junk and getting it ready to donate, only to have my dad check through it when I am not looking and store it back again in the basement.
  • Finding myself using the car horn more to communicate while driving.
  • Going through old photos and family items.
  • Remembering what green-blinking traffic lights are.
  • Bowling with my cousins.

One Reply to “Leaving good ol’ Mississauga”

  1. What *does* a green blinking traffic light mean?