What a post-Web 2.0 world would look like

Some random thoughts of what a post-Web 2.0 world would look like (focusing on the human-side of things rather than the technical side, see the proposed Web 3.0 definition)…

  • A lot of social activities would be taken “offine” in order for social groups to further achieve common goals and objectives (environmental groups, social rallies, solving complex problems).
  • We will see (scratch that….we ARE seeing) a lot of “merging of traditional media” – moreover where tactics and strategies from radio, newspapers, magazine publications, and television will be borrowed, transferred, or adapted for use onto the World Wide Web medium.
  • Essentially, the post-Web 2.0 world will help bring to order the sometimes-chaotic tidal wave of web services and products that are currently out there.


One comment on “What a post-Web 2.0 world would look like”
  1. Rex says:

    After spending pretty much my entire work day staring at a computer screen (and dreading the fact that I have to get back on it again this evening), I here by name the post Web 2.0 world…

    Web 3.0ffline

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