It’s so true…

…Librarians really know how to party!

It’s a good thing the people from Seattle Hospitality was around or else the streets of Seattle would be crawling (literally) with 5000+ librarians attending SLA 2008.

Somehow after a lively SLA Canadian reception at the Union Square Grill (open bar), a group of us made it onto the monorail and to the LexisNexis dessert party at the Music Experience Project next to the Space Needle. Along with another open bar, and an electrifying open forum (see above photo), there was also an excessive amount of dessert tables that would make Martha Stewart’s mouth drop (cheese cakes, eclaires, every type of cake, brownies, and of course fountains of chocholate foundue). The venue was quite amazing and “psychedelic” as we browsed through the exhibits throughout the night.

A sales rep from Elsevier, who we met at the SLA Canadian reception said, “hey, you got to stop by OUR party at the W Seattle hotel“. We thought, well, we were invited so WE HAVE TO GO! You have to love those vendor sales reps…..

Getting there from the Elsevier after party was a blurry experience (haven’t experienced that since undergrad). Again, thank goodness for Seattle Hospitality as we were herded to safer pastures. We actually did make it to the Elsevier after party. There was a great jazz band, a packed dance floor, and another open bar (think Studio 54).

Granted, being responsible and professional librarians, we had scheduled conference sessions to go to the next day. We effectively managed our time (not so much on our alcohol consumption) and by the end of the entertaining and dessert-filled evening, we pretty much made it back to our hotels by 11:45pm (stayed at Hotel Max – recommend it).

(An honourable mention to the”SLA Canadian entourage” of the night: Emma, Christina, Karen, Lise, and Kathy)

I missed it this year, but NEXT YEAR, I am hitting the legendary PAM Division party.