Bring on 2008!

Well, as I head to bed early on New Year’s eve, of course I could not help but not only think back on the year that has gone by but also on the “life-changing” years before that.

(for those who know…..yeah and wow, what a ride).

This entry will be my official inaugural post on what is currently called “the reX-Files” – an online personal journal and just-an-easy-way for me to keep in touch with friends and family. There is an RSS feed which feeds into Facebook, various social networks, and mirror web sites plus you can subscribe to the latest posts via email.

2008 will be a particularly interesting year as I hope to embark on another adventure (more to come on that). To date, I have lived and worked around southern Ontario, took up residence in our nation’s capital, gallivanted around Halifax and the maritimes (yeah, I missed out on Newfoundland), hopped over the prairies and finally semi-settled down in Vancouver, BC (the “Best Place on Earth” but so darn f@&$#* expensive to buy a place in).

So, to all my family and friends (and the random stranger who finds this blog), I hope you enjoy whatever personal update I decide to put up here.