O Boracay

This little island is quite amazing. The emerald, sea green ocean, the long stretch of white sandy beaches paralleled with an abundance of restaurants of various cuisines …. and of course, buffets with “bottom-less iced teas” that try to under price and out smörgåsbord each other (we found one for as low as PHP 250).

Some photography sites

We plan to publish a photo journal of our travels soon (as soon as we finish debating which photos to include). We’ll probably use Shutterfly or Blurb. I hope to do the same for many of my friends (Gord and Michelle, you’re next). Lately, I’ve been inspired by some stunning photography. Here are some web […]

Philippines Independence Day

June 12th was my first Philippines Independence Day outside Canada. My Filipino friends invited me to join a mini-celebration and flag raising ceremony at the Philippines Consulate in Sinamangal. I initially showed up at their house wearing shorts and a trekking shirt (big mistake) and shortly after, I was sent home to change into more […]