Learning the Nepali Language

It’s “only” been a little over 4 months, but of course it feels like ages since we left home. Both the shreemati and I are pretty much settled and adjusted to the Nepali culture, lifestyle, and language. Without a doubt, we are learning new Nepali sabda’s (words) and phrases a day. Most of the time […]

Danyabaad Chetena Kendra

  It wasn’t easy at first but after a while I got used to it and now I can fondly say that I will miss Chetena Kendra (CK) and the town of Banepa. During our 3-week stay, we have battled nagging colds (which turned out for some to be allergies), stomach viruses/diarrhea (welcome to Nepal), […]

Village Stay

On December 15th, we will be deployed to the Chankhu village in the Besi Thaau (place) where we will individually stay for 1 week with our assigned Nepali family. Armed with only our courage, enthusiasm and basic Nepali language knowledge, we will attempt to harmoniously live, eat, sleep, bathe, converse, laugh, argue, be confused, do […]

Community Interaction

Location: Budol, Banepa Today we had our first official task of going into the local community  and to engage in “small talk”. I have already had some personal interactions  but they have mostly been brief, mainly in English, and with the local merchants and hospitality staff. Thus, this experience will undoubtedly be more real and […]