How we met your Aunt Morag

Dear Arlo, here is a story of how we met your Aunt Morag….

Well, Aunt Morag isn’t “really” your aunt but she was a very, very important part of the day you were born. We met her at Salt Spring Coffee on Main st. one Saturday morning over a cup of coffee and we instantly “clicked” as we shared stories about ourselves. I remember her calm, friendly personality that made us first time parents very relaxed. We knew soon after that moment that she would be our doula and help us bring you into the world.

When your Aunt Morag came to visit us on that very night when you started to arrive, she quickly helped us out, not only helping your mom cope with the early labour but she also helped me out with my nervous feelings as well. Morag also helped with the “little things” around the house while we waited. She made us tea and snacks, helped pack our hospital bags and she even put away the dishes and tidy-up’d the house. I even got a couple hours of sleep while she stayed with your mom. It was also a lovely surprise when we got home from the hospital that she even made our bed.

At the hospital, your aunt was an amazing, constant source of unwavering, positive energy. She knew exactly what needed to be done to help make our stay at the hospital comfortable. She got us drinks and reminded us to eat our snacks, she snuck away a few extra pillows, and even talked to the nurses for us so I could stay with your mom. I am not sure what I would have done if she wasn’t there. Both your mom and I were so excited that you were coming but also a bit nervous and a little afraid. We were at the hospital for a very long time waiting and your aunt stayed with us the whole time.

When you finally came out on your birthday, your aunt was there to take photographs of your very first breath and the very first time that we both held you in our arms. Your aunt captured every wonderful moment of your birthday and she helped share those moments with everyone…

Aunt Morag
Aunt Morag holding Arlo

and that Arlo, is how we met you Aunt Morag.