Firsts in Hetauda

From July 19th – 27th… Monsoon Beer – First night in Hetauda @ Bastipur Training Centre, I hung outside in the middle of a field with the big boss during a freakish monsoon rainstorm while drinking beer. It was an awesome, invigorating, yet slightly intoxicating, “natural shower” as my boss said. Monsoon Beer would be […]

Got to love those Nepali women

Today, GWP is hosting a HIV/AIDS orientation picnic at a local park where the general public, mostly women attend a fun-filled day of learning about HIV/AIDS in a relaxing outdoor environment. My male GWP counterparts have been raving about this day since I got here (and of course the nature setting wasn’t the main draw) […]

Fighting “Information Poverty” – an article from The Globe and Mail

An interesting topic that has been on my mind for a while… Fighting “Information Poverty” – The Globe and Mail Teaming up with local teleco MTN Uganda and the Grameen Foundation — a non-profit offshoot of Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus’s microfinancing efforts — the web giant is launching Google SMS in the African nation. The service is designed […]

My VSO Partners

After 6 months into my placement, the VSO partners that I will be supporting have been formalized and should keep my plate full for the second half of my placement. General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP) – Gyaneswor GWP is a non-profit developmental organization committed to making lasting positive changes in the lives of marginal populations. […]

Damaged Olympus Stylus 1030 SW

The Olympus Stylus 1030 SW, but after a day of hard-core white water rafting and being thrown around in the raft, the cosmetic piece around the camera lens broke off. I decided to risk putting the camera underwater again and it seems to be still waterproof. Dear Olympus: will this affect the waterproof performance?

Canada Day in Nepal

Today we spent Canada Day at the U.S. American Club. It was a great event where Canadians residing throughout Kathmandu came together for great food and fun. The evening of course started off with the Canadian national anthem, bilingually sung by a recording of Celine Dion (which surprisingly choked me up a bit), followed by […]