One Last Namaste

One last time to write, one last chapter before I head for home. The thought of home is more appealing as that day draws nearer and we are rich with memories. We have managed a traditional thanksgiving dinner here in Tlell and Rex’s flat with a two burner hotplate and a toaster oven with the cooking squeezed between the scheduled power outages.

Holy Water!

We left Agra a few days ago to begin the drive through the Rajasthan countryside with our trusty driver Sovran at the wheel. “The monsoon have not been good this year” he says pointing at the dry landscape. “Many of the fields will not be planted”. The last of the millet crop is being taken off, and only a few dried squash vines remain. Water is scarce. Men herd sheep and goats further to graze and women work in the fields gleaning the last of a meager crop.