Is this the turning point for the +Toronto Raptors ?

Is this the turning point for the +Toronto Raptors ?

Lowry scores 16, Valancius adds 15 to lead Raptors past Bulls
Kyle Lowry scored 16 points, Jonas Valancius added 15 points and 11 rebounds, and the Toronto Raptors beat the Chicago Bulls 99-77 Saturday night. DeMar DeRozan scored 15 and Amir Johnson added 14 points and eight rebounds to help the Raptors earn their second win in as many nights after dropping six of seven.

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  1. Lowry will be traded in the next week, quite possibly tomorrow. And we continue our incredible record of beating teams that are missing their top 1-3 PGs. (3: Lakers, 2: Bucks, Bulls, 1: Sixers, Jazz). I don't think anyone we've beat this year had all 5 starters (Wizards Ariza, Sixers again Young) O.k. Grizzlies, in our only actually impressive win all year. And we've lost by far least games to injury in the league, and one half of Lowry is the only injury to a starter. So, no.

  2. Nope. They'll get rid of Lowry pretty soon.

  3. Forgot the Celtics missing Rondo as well. And we barely beat the Nets without Deron. And we've lost a few more where teams were missing a top player or two or three.

  4. Are you guys sure?