Why baseball players who were caught should not be in the baseball hall of fame

The Bullpen: Steroid era cost Pat Hentgen earned runs, wins

Pat Hentgen said it best,

If I had a Hall of Fame vote, I would do it simply like this. If you were caught in a drug test and you were caught positive, you’re out. If you admit to doing it, you’re out. That would be the first thing. And the other thing is, you know, if I take my daughter to the Hall of Fame and we’re walking through the museum and she’s 12 years old and she’s asking, ‘Dad, why is there an asterisk by this player’s name?’ And I have to explain to her that well he was a PED user. ‘What’s PED?’ Well, it’s performance-enhancing drugs. ‘What does that mean?’ Well it’s like steroids. She’s going to look at me with her innocent 12-year-old eyes and say, ‘And they let him in, dad? Why would they let him in? Isn’t this the Baseball Hall of Fame?’ So that’s the way I would answer that and that’s the way that I would vote if I had a vote.