Feeling saturated

Today, saturation within the Effects section of Picasa 3 is my new best friend. I never really knew how to use it in the past but I figure just like adding that  little bit of extra seasoning or using EVOO, a little bit of saturation goes a long way. You can Google what saturation does (which I should have done in the first place), but to me, saturation brings out the colours in your images that are already there. If I have colours that are subtle or a little washed out, saturation boosts it, bleeds it out and thus giving the image more life.

Below is a photo taken when we drove up to Chateau Beynac in the south of France.



After (Saturation with Warmify in the end to bring it back to reality)


Of course, too much saturation will make the photo look a little “circusy”, like a clown stuck in the neon-80’s went to town on it. So try it on some of your photos, just a pinch is all you need.


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